Since our creation, the company offers several services which try to give an answer to the necessity of any modern company to count on a dynamic system of advice in the matter of recovery of unsafe credits. Our wide/large experience in this area and the specialized formation of our members, make it possible in a context of absolute confidentiality. GONZALEZ – TORRES ABOGADOS, offers a lot of services that goes from advice in matters of recovery to the settlement of bankruptcy procedures:

Arbitration and Negotiation

  • Establishment of contact with debtors.
  • Legal advice, formalization and documentation of extrajudicial agreements for the cancellation of debts and, if it is necessary, for the formalization of guarantees.
  • Precise pursuit of fulfilment of payment commitments..
  • Detailed Information to the client, with periodic communications, of the state and evolution of the entrusted subject.

Pre judicial Services

Before starting a Court Case we offer:
  • Obtaining solvency reports.
  • Solvency analysis of the debtor and study of the viability of the possible legal actions.
  • We also offer to undertake any of the available court procedures to pursue debtors (from simple monetary claims to bankruptcies).
  • Coordination and cooperation with other professionals who have to take part in the procedure, such as procurators, experts, auditors, notaries…
  • Detailed information to the client, with periodic communications, relative to the situation and evolution of the entrusted judicial procedure.
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